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We are a local, family owned U-pick flower and pumpkin farm. Our farm is conveniently located just north of Lincoln at 5811 Davey Road. 
If you're looking for an experience of a lifetime, this is the place to be!  Walk through our rows of flowers and be amazed at the amount of butterflies flying amongst the plants!  Enjoy beautiful sunsets that appear to be painted in the sky.  See flowers that you may have never seen before, fall in love with them, and pick them to take home and enjoy!  
When you buy local, you are helping reduce the carbon footprint!  Over 80% of cut flowers purchased in the United States are grown outside of the US!  And the majority of them grown in the US are from California and Florida!  Plus there is nothing more fresh than straight out of the field!
 Tens of thousands of fancy daffodils and tulips will be ready for you to pick in our fields around April! Over 2 acres of summer flowers are planted every year by hand; with the majority being started by seed in my grow room or sowed directly into the ground! For your fall decorating needs, over 200 varieties of pumpkins and decorative squash are grown in our fields! I add no harsh chemicals to anything that I grow! Saving the bees and butterflies is extremely important to us! Professional photography in the field is allowed by appointment only. Please contact for pricing and more information.