The crazy team!

I'm Sara~RN turned full time farmer!  I started growing pumpkins in a small area of our property nearly 10 years ago because my husband was tired of mowing that spot.  Every year the patch got bigger until I was out of space for what I could grow so the hunt started for some land!  We finally found a plot of land that fit the bill 2 years ago.  I'm the face you'll see when you head to the farm, who drops off a delivery, social media guru, and who does all the behind the scenes work such as seed starting, weeding, planting, watering, weeding, and more weeding.
I'm married to Aaron, the amazing General Contractor who has built the farm building between all his other jobs!
We have 4 fabulous kiddos:
Kyler~the junior farmer and machine operator!
Kamryn~my logo designer, artist and gymnast!
Twins Kyra and Kinley~who are always up to entertaining new friends brought out to the farm and can identify most of the flowers in the patch!  The only 4 year olds I know who can rattle off snapdragon, dahlia, strawflower, etc. while roaming down the rows of flowers!
I am extremely thankful for every one of you who has supported our farm so I can continue to make my dreams come true.  There is no greater payment in the world, than seeing so many smiling faces leave the farm with their cup of flowers or cart of pumpkins!